Rachel Sandwich

If you have never heard of a Rachel sandwich it is basically the same thing as a Reuben except you use turkey instead of corned beef. I like to think of it as the girly version of a Reuben or Reuben’s sister. I was first introduced to Rachel by Jason’s mom, who made this for us one day for lunch. It was love at first bite. When serving this sandwich at the tea room Phyllis would use Rye bread but I chose to use sourdough and lightened a few of the ingredients. You can’t go wrong either way.

There are no exact measurements just use as much or as little of the following as you wish to assemble your sandwich.

– Good quality bread, sliced (Wheat, Rye or whatever your heart desires)
– Sliced Turkey
– Reduced fat Swiss Cheese slices
– Light Thousand Island dressing
– Sauerkraut

Once the sandwich is assembled, butter the outside.
Using a griddle or skillet, brown both sides of the bread and allow the cheese to melt.

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