Blackberry Winter

Once again Sarah Jio managed to suck me in to one of her books to the point that I could not stop reading. I just finished this book for the PBF February book club and I found it to be a truly great story with the perfect amount of suspense and romance all tied together. If you have not read any of her novels I strongly recommend giving them a shot

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Brief Summary
Blackberry Winter is old-fashioned weather jargon for a late-season cold snap.  This story goes back and forth between a Blackberry winter in 1933 and to that of present day. As Claire, a reporter for the Seattle Herald begins to research the fluke storm in ’33, she finds out about a mysterious disappearance of a 3-year old boy and his mother. After years of this mystery never being resolved Claire is immediately pulled to this story for personal reasons of her own and she sets out to find out what happened.

Vera Ray, a young mother who works very hard to care for her and her son during a time when very few people had much, returns one night to find her little boy missing. With no one willing to help her look for her son she sets out to find him on her own.

The book travels back and forth between these two stories that are linked in unexpected ways.

Goodreads: 3.99 out of 5 stars
Amazon: 4.3 out of 5 stars
My Score: 5 out of 5 stars

My Review
I found this book to be enticing as it switches back and forth among the interwoven stories with an equal amount of romance and mystery.

I loved how the novel was written from the perspective of both women, which allowed me to get a better sense of the events in the story and I was able to get to know the characters better. Both women deal with tragedy and loss and you are able to understand and relate to why they dealt with their situations the way they did. Claire was at a point in her life where she lacked direction and purpose. I feel that she needed to find out what happened to Daniel in order for her to move on with her own life. Since there was nothing she could do for the loss of her own child perhaps helping Vera find Daniel was a way for her to cope with her loss.

This was a quick and easy read and although some people were able to predict the ending I certainly was not expecting it. I loved the dual story lines and felt that Jio did a wonderful job of intertwining the stories and I was equally interested in reading from both Claire and Vera’s perspectives. This book will keep you turning the pages as you get lost in the lives of these women from two different time periods.

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