Five on Friday

It’s time to wrap up our first full week of 2014 with another Five on Friday post. Unfortunately we started off the New Year with a sick little girl so there have been several sleepless nights and an extra cup of coffee (for mom) this week.  I am so happy to see the weekend upon us and crossing my fingers for some good nights sleep. Despite the sickness we have still had some things going on  that I am looking forward to and make me smile.

1. After having far too many back to back seasons of not playing too well our beloved Panthers have made it to the playoffs. They play this Sunday at home so while the rest of my family will be cheering them on in the stands Scottie and I will be having our own little cheering section from the comfort of our living room. Side Note: Jason has been working on getting Scottie to say touchdown and throw her hands up in the air. She hasn’t done it yet but she finds it hilarious when daddy does it.


 2. I made the biggest pot of chili on Sunday knowing we would be having a very cold week ahead of us. We have been eating on it every single day and I am 100% OK with that. With the bitterly cold weather we have had this week it has been the perfect thing to have around the house. Not to mention all of my energy has been spent taking care of a sick little one so the convenience of having a comforting yet nutritious meal at the ready has been wonderful. I am going to post the recipe next week. It’s a good one.


3. I have a 9 month old as of this week. She has been in the world as long as she was inside of me which is crazy to think about. I thank God every day for giving us this perfect little gift.  


4. We are in the process of planning a tropical vacation for some time this Spring. The thought of warm beaches, sand between my toes and fruity drinks has me giddy with excitement. We are still unsure of where we want to go so any recommendations or tips would be greatly appreciated.


5. A few weeks ago on a whim Jason and I signed up for another half marathon except for this time it will be a trail race. I can count the number of times I have done trail runs (1 in college 10 years ago) so I am a little nervous and slightly unprepared for this. (It’s next weekend). I know I am not going to be breaking any records so I am just going to have fun and accept the challenge of trying something new.



 Cheers to the weekend!


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  1. McKenzie Spafford January 10, 2014 at 10:28 am

    That Chili looks amazing,, I would love the recipe 🙂

    – Kenzie

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