It’s finally here! The Casual Veggie Cookbook is now ready and available for download and you can get your copy today by clicking on the link below the picture. (This is an affiliate link and by ordering through this link you are helping to support this little blog here of mine. Thanks in advance for your support.)

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The idea for the Casual Veggie Cookbook comes from Mollie, the blogger behind Parsley and Pumpkins , after so many nights standing in front of her refrigerator wondering what to do with all the beautiful veggies she had bought. The Casual Veggie is all about celebrating the variety and diversity of vegetables. The book is packed with veggie-filled recipes perfect for people who want to eat home cooked meals, using real food, with a focus on plants. It’s not just a cookbook but a resource for people who want to eat and live a healthier lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking for a snack, an easy lunch or a filling dinner this book can be on your computer and in your kitchen when needed. Internal linking makes this digital book easy to navigate. There are 29 veggies featured, each with its own chapter. In addition to the recipes, nutrition information is available for each vegetable as well as information for storing and prepping. In total, 166 recipes are featured in this cookbook, providing us with the perfect resource to eat more veggies. This book has something for everyone with its range of recipe styles, including meat dishes, meatless, gluten free, breakfast, lunch, dinner, desserts, and snacks. To meet some of the other 48 contributing bloggers check out this link and check out some of the amazing things they’re cooking in their kitchen.


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