34 Things in 34

Good morning! Today is my 34th birthday and I made a list of 34 things I wanted to do and/or accomplishment throughout the next year. Birthdays for me are like New Years, allowing yourself a chance for a fresh start. I’m sharing this list with you to not only help hold me accountable but to maybe give you all a chance to know me better. Without further ado, here are my goals and aspirations for upcoming year.

1. Travel somewhere new.


2. Take a family trip.

3. Try Stand-Up Paddle Boarding

4. Sign up for a race

11-30 6

5. Have more girls nights

6. Read a classic Novel

7. Organize all my pictures, frames around the house and photo books
I used to be so good at this but it has gotten out of control. I have loose pictures all over the house and unfinished photo books that need to be filled.

8. On that note: Finish/update Scottie and Parker’s baby books

9. Have a date night once a month

5-28 1 anni

10. Make my own cold brew coffee

11. Take an online course to get a certification.
This is something I’ve been thinking about for years and have recently started looking at options. I want to do something health and wellness related and any feed back or experience anyone may have is greatly appreciated.

12. Finish Decorating our living room and master bedroom
Since we moved last December our house has been a work in progress. We decided early on that we would take it room by room and these are the ones I want to focus on next.

13. Complete the outdoor living space in the backyard.
Speaking of house projects, this is a big one but one we are looking forward to the most. Hopefully we can have it done by the spring time.

14. Try one new recipe a week.

15. Go on a hike
We have so many new to us trails we want to try in the mountains so hopefully we can get at least one of those knocked off our list.


16. Binge watch Netflix
I know this may sound confusing but give me a second to explain. I never watch TV anymore and the truth is, I miss it. Before Parker was born, TV watching (specifically Netflix) was my way of relaxing once I got Scottie to bed. These days, once I get both kids in the bed I’m either getting things done around the house or just going to bed myself. Parker isn’t the best sleeper and I’m still waking up several times a night with him so right now I take any opportunity I can to get some shut eye. I realize right now this is the season of life that I’m in (and more than happy with that) but I’m hoping to find that downtime soon enough to finish or get caught up on some of the many shows I’ve started.

17. Get back into a regular habit of sitting down each morning with coffee and a devotional.
I used to do this EVERY morning but now it’s more like 50/50

18. Go out to brunch

19. Go snow skiing
It’s been years since I’ve done this


20. Try cross country skiing

21.Try one new restaurant a month

22. Go to the movies
I’m not much of a movie person so this will make my movie-loving husband very happy. In the seven years we’ve been together we have only been to one, which I’m reminded of often.

23. Try a new to me cuisine or food

24. Eat breakfast in bed
Read wake up and feel like I don’t have to hit the ground running.

25. Build a fort with Scottie

26. Visit a museum

27. Have a cooking challenge night with Jason.
We used to do this a lot as a stay-at-home date night and it was so much fun. Imagine Chopped, where we pick out each others “secret” ingredients.

nov 1

28. No social media for a day
I hate to even admit this needs to be a goal but its the truth

29. Do an outdoor yoga class.

30. Perform a random act of kindness

31.Add more weight training into my weekly workouts

32. Plant a garden (and have it actually grow)

33. Join a cause as a family
Probably something along the lines of Helping with Hunger or children in need

34. Join a book club

Cheers to a happy, healthy and fulfilling year!



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