Friday Favorites: 9-9-16

Simply put, this week has been busy. With Scottie starting back to school I’m trying to establish some sort of routine and structure to our days.  The past few weeks have been hard as months and months of all night wake ups, sleepless nights and caring for two humans has finally caught up with me. I’ve had a go, go, go mentality and the feeling like I need to do it all yet never actually getting anything done and it’s taken its toll on me down, both mentally and physically. I’ve spent the past two weeks trying to take better care of myself by going for walks, stepping away from the computer and trying to be more present instead of thinking about all the to-do’s. I’m starting to feel recharged and energized again and if only I can get a certain little boy sleeping through the night we will be back in business.

The good news is I’m feeling inspired in the kitchen again and I spent some time this week brainstorming new recipes and ideas for the blog. I’m ready to embrace all things pumpkins and apples and I’m excited about new fresh and seasonal produce (winter squashes I’m looking at you).

We are heading back to the mountains this weekend to cheer on my alma mater (Appalachian State) on their first home football game of the season. I am excited about showing Scottie where I went to school and walk around the campus, which has changed so much since I graduated 12 years ago. Putting that in writing makes me feel so old. I put together the snack mix below because nothing says Fall better than the mountains and football and I needed an excuse to make this seasonal snack mix. It’s the perfect little mix of sweet and salty and is usually customized based on ingredients I already have on hand.




I downloaded the Serial Reader App this week after a friend mentioned it to me when I told her I wanted to incorporate a few classic novels into my reading life. You guys this app is genius! It basically breaks down bite-sized pieces of novels (all classics) and sends them to you daily for you to read when you find yourself with a few extra minutes to spare. The daily reads can be read in under 20 minutes so now I’m able to make time for reading Pride and Prejudice while still enjoying my typical everyday books.

I’ve loaded up on pumpkin and ready to give some new recipes a try. These overnight oats or this pumpkin pie oatmeal is happening next week.

As soon as the temperatures begin to drop this soup is making an appearance.

I get all excited for fall until pictures like this have me wanting to hold on to summer for as long as I can.

I still haven’t tried making pizza using cauliflower pizza crust but I really think it’s time to give it a go.


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