Most of my free time this week has been spent working my way through Everyone Brave is Forgiven, the book we chose for our book club this month. Since we’re discussing the book this morning and I read the majority of it this week it’s taken up a big chunk of my time. It’s by no means an easy read and certainly not one I would recommend reading in a time crunch. It’s heavy and deep and it needed my full attention to really understand the story and the characters. Everyone Brave is Forgiven is a beautifully written novel about love, war, loss and friendship. I really enjoy historical fiction novels so I was intrigued by the story line here. I can’t say this was my favorite novel in this genre but I did enjoy the book. There were moments when I found the story to be a bit slow and I had to give it a good 50 pages before really getting in to it. Hence the reason I was still trying to finish it up until this mornings discussion.

Besides reading, its been a good week. We’re all gearing up for Halloween. I can’t say Halloween has always been a favorite holiday of mine but it’s definitely more fun with little kids around and seeing it through their eyes. As for the weekend we have a couple of play dates planned and the Panthers game on Sunday. It’s supposed to be a beautiful weekend, although still a bit warm for this time of year. I hope to spend some time outside and enjoy our last weekend of longer daylight before the time changes (sniff, sniff). Have a wonderful weekend and a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!



I’m beyond excited for the new Gilmore Girls series on Netflix (total fan girl here) and this trailer took my excitement even higher.

The ultimate comfort food made healthy

I made the original version of this recipe before and loved it. I’m excited to give this crock-pot version a try because of course I love any reason to bring out this trusty appliance.

I have this bread baking in the oven as I’m typing up this post.

This is my kind of dinner. Quick, easy, healthy and delicious!

I came across this microwave muffin one morning this week and went directly to the kitchen to make it for Scottie.
Verdict: She loved it!

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