Friday Favorites: 12/16/16

Oh Hey Friday. Today is Jason’s last day of work for two weeks and I could not be more excited. He always tries taking the week before and after Christmas off to be with family and a take a little breather before a new year begins. Seeing as how I’m just now getting my Friday favorites post out that should give you a little idea for how this week has gone. To be honest it’s been a bit of a doozy. Scottie was sick at the beginning of the week which meant no school and a few canceled holiday activities. My back has started to give me some trouble again so I’ve been dealing with that in addition to all the anxiety it seems to bring with it. I’m hopeful its going to be a good weekend and crossing all my fingers and toes that all the sickness is out of our house. My best friend is throwing her annual Christmas party this weekend and I am determined to not have to miss it for the third year in a row. Cheers to the holiday weekend!

Monday night I was able to get away for a holiday gift exchange party with some girlfriends. It was a much needed night out with wine, sushi, and lots of chatter. I walked away from the party with this cookbook from my Christmas wish list and have already picked out two recipes that I’m making from it this weekend.

This winter detox tea is going to become a regular thing.

I saw this Banh Mi sandwich when I was reading Peanut Butter Runner’s weekly menu post and immediately added it to my “to make” list.

I have two cookie parties to attend next week and I’m thinking of making these cookies for one of them. As for the other party I kind of want to bring back an oldie but goodie like this one or this one.

Large Batch Holiday puppy chow.
This mix should come with a warning label because it’s so addictive.

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  1. Kristi Griedl December 16, 2016 at 6:47 pm

    Oh my, I’m obsessed with puppy chow.. So.Hard.To.Stop.Eating!! Hope you feel better and can make it to the party this weekend – it sounds fun!

  2. Shannon @ KISS IN THE KITCHEN December 16, 2016 at 8:34 pm

    Love me some puppy chow!!

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