I’ve been working on a recipe post to share with you all this week but I can’t seem to find the time to sit down and actually finish it. Last week, while I was putting Parker in his car seat, I slipped and fell causing me to bruise my rib. It’s been sore but I felt there were certain activities I could handle with ease. However, that all changed Tuesday afternoon when even the littlest activities began to hurt me (i.e. laying down, driving and even breathing). Sneezing, coughing and laughing is extremely uncomfortable so you can imagine how much fun I’ve been this week. I’m hoping a few days of rest is all it needs although I know it won’t fully heal for several weeks. A bruised rib is no joke.
We didn’t get the snowfall they were calling for last weekend but we did end up getting some. It was mostly ice but since the temperatures didn’t get above freezing until Tuesday the kids were out of school the first two days this week. Yesterday it was 70 degrees and perfect. Welcome to winter in North Carolina.

Β It’s a three-day weekend for Jason since he has Monday off but we are keeping things pretty low key. Happy Friday. Have a wonderful weekend.

I finished The Mothers this week for my book club discussion that’s taking place this morning. This book has received excellent reviews since it came out last October so I was excited to pick it up. Overall I really liked it but I didn’t care much for the abrupt ending as it leaves the reader to question what happens to all the characters. On the other hand this will probably make for a good discussion this morning.

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