Friday Favorites: 3/31/17

Good morning! This week seemed to fly by for some reason but I’m certainly not complaining. We have our neighborhood Easter Party this weekend where there will be food, games, and of course an Easter Egg Hunt. I love spring (minus the pollen) and I’m hoping to get outside to clean up the yard a bit, enjoy the 70 degree temperatures and enjoy some time with family and friends. I hope you all have a wonderful and “springy” weekend.

I have two books I recently finished and I can’t recommend both of them enough. The first one is In the Woods by Tana French. I had heard many great things about this author and all of her books and now I know why. This is the first in a series of psychological thrillers by the author. It’s suspenseful and twisted and highly entertaining up until the very end.
The other book is Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. I honestly did not think I would love this book as much as I did but I found it to be a fast-paced and intriguing read. This is a science-fiction thriller about alternate universes, choices we make, and paths not taken. If your like me and the term science-fiction makes you pause I can assure you this book is definitely worth the read.

Carrot Cake and Oatmeal become one

I to, would like to faceplant into this salad.

I know I’ve mentioned the I’ll Have Another Podcast with Lindsey Hein on here before and, whereas I find them all to be entertaining, the latest episode I listened to really caught my attention. Episode #52  is an interview with registered dietitian Jody Whipple who talks a little bit about feeding children and a few of the dinner time battles I seem to always face with my kids. After listening to this episode on my run the other morning I immediately came home and told my husband to give it a listen. It was eye opening for me and I found her thoughts and words of advice to be helpful and interesting.

I want to try this casserole for Meatless Monday.

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