Catching Up: Spring Break 2017

Hi! I’m back after an unexpected week away from the blog. Spring break 2017 has officially come and gone and it was a good one for sure. My husband and I had the opportunity to get away last week for an adults only trip to Palmetto Bluff with his company. I had all intentions of using some of my free time to blog but after getting away and realizing it was the first time I’ve been away with no kids in almost two years I decided to RELAX. Instead I spent my free time getting a massage, sitting by the pool, napping, going for runs and devouring my book. It was perfection and I have no regrets.

It was a much needed break but by Thursday I was happy to come back home to spend the holiday weekend with my favorite little bunnies.

We hosted Easter lunch for my family so after church everyone gathered here for a traditional Easter feast. I cooked my first ever ham (recipe from the Celebrations cookbook) which turned out really well. In addition to the ham we had roasted carrots, potato salad, green beans, spinach salad and deviled eggs. The meal concluded with my mom’s chocolate eclair cake.

The weekend prior to leaving on our trip we celebrated a special little girls 4th birthday with family and friends. Per Scottie’s request she had a mermaid themed party and thanks to Pinterest and my sister-n-law I was able to pull it off. The party started off a little chaotic since I thought it started at 11:30 instead of 11:00, like I put on the invitation. Embarrassingly enough this is actually the second year in a row I’ve gotten the time wrong for my own child’s birthday so I only half joked with my family that next year someone else can do all the planning and  tell me when I need to show up. Thankfully we were entertaining a bunch of small kids so I don’t think they noticed we were unprepared for the early arrival.

Sunday was Scottie’s actual birthday so we took her out to lunch at her favorite spot. She couldn’t have been more thrilled when the staff came out to sing Happy Birthday  and delivered this enormous birthday dessert.

As you can see it’s been busy around here but it’s for sure we made the most of our Spring Break. Today we are back on our normal routine but instead of sitting down to share a yummy breakfast casserole recipe like I intended I decided to give a little sneak peak of what all we’ve been up to. Don’t worry the breakfast casserole recipe is coming soon. If you are one of those people whose kids are on spring break this week, Enjoy! For the rest of you, Happy Tuesday.



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