I’m switching things up this week and posting my favorites today before heading out of town to spend a long weekend at the beach with friends. It’s a trip we take each year and I’m looking forward to hanging out with some of my closest friends and their families. I’ve been best friends with some of these ladies since elementary school and seeing our kids playing together now, 25+ years later, is truly special.


I had full intentions of sharing another recipe earlier this week, and even got it started, but it’s been one of those weeks that I simply couldn’t get it all done. I’m hopeful next week will be easier. Happy Friday Eve!


I’m really loving this audiobook and hoping I get a chance to listen to it on the car ride down.

 I’m definitely giving this pizza a try for our next homemade pizza night. I love all the different flavor combinations going on.

I may not be able to get behind the unicorn frappuccino but I can certainly get on board with these no bake unicorn cookies

The ultimate Salmon burger.

60+ Ideas for leftover food
I love leftovers so I found this round up to be very helpful

The Handmaid’s Tale premiered yesterday on Hulu and I’m really looking forward to checking it out. My book club recently read this dystopian novel by Margaret Atwood which I found to be compelling and imaginative.

Speaking of shows, my husband and I started watching Shameless last weekend and immediately got sucked into the trainwreck that it is. We can’t stop watching.