Friday Favorites: 5/12/17

Happy Friday friends. This week we had a taste of summer with several very hot days and the majority of our time was spent outside. Monday morning I took the kids to meet some of our friends for a picnic at the airport overlook and the free entertainment was perfect for our little group. This morning we’re heading to the mountains to spend the weekend with my parents and my brother’s family for Mother’s Day. It’s been months since we’ve had a chance to get to the cabin and we are anxious to be back. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there.

After staying away from audio books for so long it’s safe to say I’ve officially jumped on the bandwagon. I just finished listening to A Long Way Home and loved, loved, loved it! I can’t stop talking about it with friends and I’ve pretty much told everyone I know to read (or listen to it ). It recently came out as a movie called Lion and was nominated for six academy awards, which I plan to watch soon. This memoir is an incredible story about survival and hope as a young boy gets lost from his family in India and uses google earth (25 years later) to find his childhood life and family.

I finished reading The Nix earlier this week, and whereas I wouldn’t call it an easy read it’s smart, funny and enjoyable nonetheless. The story goes back and forth through time from the late 1960’s onward and reading about this time in history was very interesting. There are definitely parts in the book the author could’ve left out because it did get a little too long but overall I would still recommend this book for its incredible writing and storyline.

I restocked my snack ball stash this week and made these new to us bites. I’ve been keeping snacks like this in the freezer to pull out for a healthy afternoon treat we all can enjoy.

This chicken sandwich speaks to my southern soul.

Shauna Niequist has a podcast!!

This flavor combination gets me every time.

30 Books you should read at least once in your lifetime
How many books have you read from this list? I’ve read 5 of them and I have to say they still stand out as some of my favorites.

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