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We recently enjoyed a selection of food at iPho in South Charlotte. Here’s a glimpse of what we ate and my thoughts on the experience. Thank you iPho for treating Jason and I to a wonderful dinner. All opinions are my own.

Last week I had the opportunity to break out of my little bubble and try a new  Vietnamese restaurant, iPho, located in the Park Selwyn Terrace off Park Road.  This hidden gem is tucked into a shopping center and just celebrated their one year anniversary. I highly recommend it if any of my local readers haven’t experience their authentic cuisine.

IPho serves classic dishes with a focus on using high quality and fresh ingredients. The staff was very accommodating and friendly. The owners recommendations delivered an authentic dining experience. Her passion about the culture comes through in the food and its clear she wants to share that experience with others.

We started our meal off with the spring rolls, which quite honestly could’ve been my meal alone. They were incredibly fresh and flavorful and full of chicken, shrimp and vegetables such as carrots, jicama, mung bean noodles and mushrooms. A sweet sauce was served on the side.

Our main courses included Brisket Pho and Pad Thai for us to share. The foundation of the brisket pho is a beef broth seasoned with many different Vietnamese spices and is a labor of love that’s made in house. Adding hoisin sauce creates a sweet and smoky flavor. I can honestly say we loved everything we tried but their Pho is the dish that will send me back time and time again. It’s truly crave worthy!

The use of citrus and tamarind in the Pad Thai brings out the authentic flavors. Thick rice noodles are used and we found they aren’t as sticky as other Pad Thai dishes we’ve tried. All the Noodles are made fresh daily, which is important since they’re the prominent ingredient in many of the dishes.

I’m incredibly grateful to the staff at iPho, not only for the meal, but for giving me a culinary experience I otherwise may have missed.




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