Friday Favorites: 9/22/17

Happy fall y’all. (Sorry I couldn’t help myself.) I’ve been down for the count all week with a sinus infection. We have some out of town guest staying with us this weekend so I’ve been doing everything I know to do to feel better. The Coldbuster from Starbucks has been a lifesaver but sadly it hasn’t kicked this thing to the curb. We’re spending the weekend celebrating some friends who got married earlier in the summer. Since some of Jason’s friends are flying in for the festivities it’s turned into a weekend of fun. That is, assuming I stop feeling like I’m swallowing sand paper. Anyway, enough negativity. Lets get to the fun stuff. Have a wonderful weekend.

3 new ideas for weekday lunches!

Give me all the chocolaty treats

This spring roll salad looks beautiful and delicious.

22 YA Novels you’ll want to read from cover to cover

Trying to find a gluten-free bread that agrees with my highly sensitive stomach has been tough, but hopefully this list will have something that works.

I’ve heard a lot about the ketogenic diet but never really understood it. This article on the differences between the ketogenic diet and the paleo diet was helpful.



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