Friday Favorites: 2/9/18

Hello, hello. I feel like I was just here sharing my Friday favorites and here we are meeting again. How was your week? Did you watch the super bowl (or at least the halftime show)? I thought JT did a great job and I was happy the Eagles won. As for this weekend, I’m looking forward to catching some of the olympics and I think Scottie is really at an age where she will enjoy it as well. We bought some cabinets for our office so we’ll be working on putting that together as well. Wish us luck as it seems like a ton of work.


I’ve apparetly been living under a rock becasue I’ve never heard of chewbacca mom until I listened to her on a podcast.Her laughter is infectious and I wish we all could have this much joy.

I finished Broken Harbor by Tana French this week. She writes crime novels like no other and I seriously love her work. I started reading the Dublin Murder Squad books last year and they’ve hooked me from the beginning. These novels do not need to be read in order so if you have ay interest in suspense I highly encourage you to give one of her books a shot.

I love the teff flour crust.

How delicious do these oven-fried pork chops look?

This is on the menu for next week as I keep hearing such great reviews on it.

I’m thinking this cake will be perfect for Valentine’s Day.

I’ve been eating on this salad everyday for lunch and I’m still not sick of it. It’s so good!

In case you missed it, I’m hosting a cookbook club link up party next Wednesday and anyone is welcome to join us.

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