April Cookbook Club

This is our third official cookbook club and this month we’re discussing the iconic Julia Child and her book Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

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Mastering the Art of French Cooking is a two volume cookbook series on authentic French cuisine. Volume 1 was written  for the American market and published in 1961 and 1970 for Volume 2. The success of Volume 1 is ultimately what resulted in Julia Child being given her own television show, The French Chef, one of the first cooking programs on American television.

Julia Child is a fascinating woman, and I found even more truth to that after reading My Life in France several years ago. She’s eccentric, smart and funny and you can’t help but be inspired by the fact that she didn’t start cooking until her 30’s. It was after reading her memior I knew I wanted a copy of Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Knowing some of the story in making the cookbooks has given me a deeper appreciation for them.

Julia tries to simplify each recipe in the cookbook to the best of her ability which makes them stand out as an excellent guide to so many classic French recipes. Each recipe is written out in great detail with step-by-step instructions. I wish the book included pictures but I do take into consideration the time in which it was published and the fact food photography wasn’t exactly a thing then.

For the purpose of this review I made Broccoli sauteed with onions, bacon and bread crumbs, from MTAOFC volume two. Julia recommends serving this dish in place of a salad or as an accompaniment to eggs, fish, chicken or pork. This vegetable dish is delicious and I found it to be a nice change from just simply roasting it in the oven like I normally do. I used a slice of Barely bread to make my own gluten-free bread crumbs but other than that I kept the recipe as it was written.


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