The Book of Greens Cookbook Review

The Book of Greens by Jenn Louis and Kathleen Squires is an encyclopedic reference to the world of greens. Since I received this cookbook my eyes have been opened to an array of greens I never even know existed. In fact, there are 40 varieties of greens mentioned here and more than 175 recipes using [...]

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Blackberry Winter

Once again Sarah Jio managed to suck me in to one of her books to the point that I could not stop reading. I just finished this book for the PBF February book club and I found it to be a truly great story with the perfect amount of suspense and romance all tied together. If you have [...]

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The Secret Keeper Book Review

Brief Summary On a summer day in 1961 Laurel witnesses a tragic scene between her mother and a man that will forever haunt her. Fifty years later, Laurel comes across a photograph of her mother and a woman named Vivian  that brings about many questions that Laurel has of her mother's unspoken past and what led her to [...]

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Terra Book Review

Terra Book Review Terra is written by Gretchen Powell, the blogger behind Honey, I shrunk the Gretchen . This is her first novel. It is the first book in a planned trilogy.You can read more about the author by clicking here. Brief Summary: This YA Dystopian book is about an 18 year old girl and her younger brother [...]

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The Book Thief Review

I haven't mentioned it much on the blog before but I love reading and for me it's another key ingredient in my life that makes me happy. I love to talk about books and find myself falling in and out of love with characters in the stories I read. I am linking up with other bloggers [...]

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