Friday Favorites: 5/4/18

Happy Friday! I hope your work has been good. The Wells Fargo PGA Championship is happening right now and it's always a fun week here in Charlotte. Jason has tickets for the whole week so we took the kids out for a few hours during one of the practice rounds since its an easy walk [...]

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Healing Food Series: Berries

We're kicking off May by continuing with my series on foods that can heal the body and bolster good gut health. If your unfamiliar with what this is you can read more about it here.This month we're focusing on all the berries, whether it's blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, or blackberries. Fresh berries can easily be found in [...]

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My Baby Girl is 5 and a Cookbook Club Update

Today my baby girl turns 5 years old. I know it's cliche but seriously, where did the time go. I love seeing the beautiful, thoughtful and funny girl she's become but I also get emotional when I think about how quickly she is growing up. Parker and I surprised her at school this morning for [...]

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Healing Food Series: Salmon

We're kicking off April by continuing with my series on foods that can heal the body.  This month we're focusing on Salmon and all its wonderful goodness. Salmon is a fatty fish loaded with nutrients. It's incredibly delicious, widely available, and versatile as you will see from the round up of recipes below. As I've [...]

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BBQ Roasted Chickpeas

Today we're talking about incredibly delicious and  highly addicting BBQ roasted chickpeas. I love the taste of chickpeas (also known as Garbanzo beans) plain as they are so imagine my excitement when I first tried them spiced with BBQ seasoning and roasted. SO MUCH FLAVORFUL GOODNESS. The secret to getting chickpeas crispy is to dry [...]

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