Friday Favorites: 7/13/18

Happy Friday the 13th and Happy Birthday to my mamma. I'm taking her out this morning for a little mother/daughter time for pedicures and lunch so I'll make this intro short and sweet. We got back in town earlier this week after spending a week and a half in the mountains. We try to get [...]

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Friday Favorites: 6/15/18

Good morning and happy Friday. I'm finding the weeks flying by lately as our days have been filled with all kinds of summer fun. Blogging has become especially hard lately but I'm still trying to write when I can. Monday night I had the opportunity to attend a cooking class with other Charlotte area bloggers. [...]

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Friday Favorites: 6/1/18

I definitely didn't indeed on taking the whole week off from the blog but our first week of summer with both kids home all day and the husband out of town left me with very little time. Also, this post is going out much later than normal today because of some issues with my word [...]

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Friday Favorites: 5/25/18

What a fast and busy week it's been. We are officially on summer break as of today and my little girl is off to kindergarten in the fall. We had an end of year picnic yesterday with Scottie's class where we got to say "see you later" to her teachers and friends. Although it was [...]

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Friday Favorites: 5/18/18

Happy Friday friends. I can't believe we have one more week left before summer break officially starts. Truth be told I'm feeling pretty emotional as my oldest daughter will be graduating from preschool and heading to Kindergarten in the fall. Let's just say she's more ready for the transition than I am. We have a [...]

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