Baked Spaghetti

We are having far from normal spring like temperatures here in Charlotte lately. With cold and rainy days still upon us my body is craving warm comfort foods. While going through some recipes I came across this Baked Spaghetti recipe of Paula Deens. While I have made, and of course eaten spaghetti my whole life I can't [...]

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Skinny Fettuccine Alfredo with Broccoli

If someone told me I could choose any meal in the world to have and it would be calorie free, hands down I would choose Fettuccine Alfredo. When I was younger and didn't know much about nutrition and could eat whatever I wanted without gaining a pound, I would always order Fettuccine Alfredo from one of the Italian restaurants in my hometown. [...]

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Cheesy Stuffed Shells with Meat and Spinach

 There are several meals that my mother makes where I am immediately reminded of her and the comforts of home and this is one of them. She has been making these stuffed shells for as long as I can remember. This dish is a favorite among my entire family and it has become tradition to serve it our first night of our annual beach [...]

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