To be honest Ratatouille is not a dish that I am very familiar with but when I came across a recipe in Miss Dahl's Cookbook I knew I wanted to give it a try. My sister-n-law has been keeping our kitchen stocked this summer with fresh vegetables from her garden and this traditional French vegetable dish felt like the [...]

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Coconut Jasmine Rice

I blogged about this coconut rice a while back but as with many of my earlier post this one needed some updated photos, plus it deserves a spot all on its own. To view the original post you can go here. I have made this so many times and I have since made some modifications from the original recipe. [...]

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Herb Risotto with Yogurt and Peas

Risotto makes my heart smile. This rich and creamy classic Italian rice dish can be prepared many ways using the freshest ingredients. Cooking risotto is time-consuming which turns many people off from preparing it at home but trust me when I say it is easy to make. It mostly involves lots of stirring as you wait for the liquid to absorb [...]

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Roasted Butternut Squash with Apples

I have the perfect simple side dish for you that is not only healthy but delicious. The flavors in this will make your taste buds very very happy. This is one side dish that you will want plenty of leftovers to eat on throughout the week. Since making it for dinner, I have eaten it on top of a spinach salad and I snuck a few [...]

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