Amazon Favorites

How did we ever do life before amazon. The fact that you can have items on your door step in a few short days with just the touch of a button has become way to easy. I will admit, I have and continue to take full advantage of this special little feature and today I [...]

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A Little Life Update

Hello, Hello. I’m finishing up the last few weeks of the culinary nutrition program and after that I promise to be back and posting regularly again. A lot has changed health wise for me over the past few months and I want to update all of you as it effects the direction of the blog [...]

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The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook Review

The IBS Elimination Diet and Cookbook is written by Patsy Catsos, a registered dietitian nutritionist with two degrees in nutrition. The author has dealt with digestive issues herself which led to her calling as a medical nutrition therapist and she's able to deeply emphasize with folks who suffer from painful and disabling GI symptoms. As [...]

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Instagram Contest and Cookbook Giveaway

As we're gearing up for the holiday season and time spent with friends and family I think it's a great time to do an easy and fun giveaway contest. This is an instagram hashtag contest to talk about all the different veggies and the variety of ways they can be used. The winner will receive [...]

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The Casual Veggie Cookbook

It's finally here! The Casual Veggie Cookbook is now ready and available for download and you can get your copy today by clicking on the link below the picture. (This is an affiliate link and by ordering through this link you are helping to support this little blog here of mine. Thanks in advance for [...]

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