Mushroom and Spinach Quiche with Sweet Potato Crust

This Mushroom and Spinach Sweet Potato Crust Quiche is gluten and grain-free making this a protein and veggie packed vegetarian breakfast option. Quiche sounds so fancy yet its really quite simple to make. It requires  some time to bring everything together so its probably not the thing your making on busy weekday mornings. However, its [...]

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Holiday Brunch Menu

With the holidays upon us many of us are planning menus, whether it be for a small weeknight gathering with friends, a brunch or a traditional holiday dinner. If your anything like me I'm always looking for ideas when it comes to planning out a menu,  especially when I find myself making the same things [...]

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Corn Frittata with Feta and Bacon

I can count on one hand the number of times I've cooked lunch for my family. By cooking I mean getting out the pots and pans and turning on the stove. For us lunch is throwing together a sandwich or a salad or reheating leftovers from the fridge. This past Sunday however I decided to [...]

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Open Faced Poached Egg, Tomato and Goat Cheese Sandwich

I will admit I don't care much for making breakfast so during the week I usually grab something that takes little to no time at all to put together like toast or yogurt. At least one morning on the weekends Jason will take over in the kitchen and prepare us a big breakfast that usually consist of eggs/omelets, grits, toast [...]

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Cranberry-Orange Scones

The other morning I woke up in the mood to bake something for Jason and I for breakfast. It was the weekend so I figured that deserved a little something special. We are both suckers for breakfast pastries so I decided on these scones, knowing they were relatively healthy and wouldn't leave me in a sugar coma as my day [...]

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