Vegan Creamy Spinach and Almond Spread

During the time I stopped eating dairy  the thing I missed most was cheese. Those of you who follow my blog know how much I love cheese and how often I cook with it. I tried several different dairy-free style cheeses and by far the best one I found was Daiya. It melts better than [...]

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Decadent Bars Product Review

Recently the folks at Enjoy Life Foods contacted me to see if I would like to sample some of the decadent bars they have added to their product line. After already trying the double chocolate chip cookies and mini chocolate chips from this company I immediately said yes and anxiously waited for my package to arrive.  If you are [...]

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Spinach, Artichoke and Sun-Dried Tomato Stuffed Chicken (Dairy-Free)

I love adding several ingredients inside of a plain old chicken breast to create a sophisticated look to a dinnertime favorite. Typically when it comes to stuffed chicken you can almost always count on some sort of cheese incorporated into the mix and oozing out of the sides. Don't get me wrong I love this approach but since I [...]

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Zucchini Apple Breakfast Cake

I have been trying to get this recipe posted for a week now but every time I sit down to work on it I end up get distracted. We have had a lot going on and a little one who has been quite the early riser lately. She is finally starting to realize that she isn't missing out [...]

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I have been faced with a new challenge. It turns out that Scottie has a dairy and soy allergy which means as long as I continue to breastfeed I need to avoid ALL dairy and soy based products. I understand that switching to formula is an option but continuing to breastfeed is very important to me and I [...]

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