Healing Food Series: Pumpkin

We're getting close to wrapping up my healing food series. October's focus is on pumpkins, a popular and beloved winter squash. If you aren’t familiar with this series you can read more about it in this post, but each month I've been highlighting a certain food and the nutritional impact it has on the body. While commonly [...]

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Cream Cheese Brownie Pie

In addition to  this Banana Pudding, I made a Cream Cheese Brownie Pie for my family last weekend for Easter.  I went a little sugar crazy making two desserts for 6 adults and two toddlers but I absolutely could not resist this chocolaty delight accompanying our traditional Easter treat. I blame it on the pregnancy  :-). With a layer of cheesecake sandwiched between two [...]

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Strawberry Cool Whip Pie

This is a perfect, easy summertime dessert because it is both light and refreshing. It is a great way to enjoy the seasons freshest fruit.     Strawberry Cool Whip Pie Ingredients:- 2 cups fresh strawberries (quartered)- 1/2 cup lite cool whip- 1- 3.4 oz. package Vanilla Jello instant pudding- 1 9" ready made graham cracker pie [...]

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