Greetings from San Francisco

I know its been a while since I posted anything but last week my computer took a visit to the Geek Squad at Best Buy. Jason left me his Ipad before heading out of town but it still wasn’t the same. It’s amazing and a little unfortunate how lost I feel without my own personl computer. Anyway,Last night Jason and I arrived in San Francisco to begin our week long trip on the west coast. We are traveling with our friends York and Martine and while we are in San Francisco we are staying with my best friend Jennifer and her fianc√© Ian. Our journey begins here then we will make our way to Sonoma to spend some time in the wine country then finishing the week off with some skiing in Tahoe. I had a picture to share with this post but we are now experiencing some technical difficulties with Jason’s computer:(. So on that note we are off to get some brunch and explore the city.

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