Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle While Traveling

Since it’s summer and kids are out of school many of us are packing up our things and heading out on vacation. Cole, an avid foodie and traveler, blogs over at Cole’s Mill. He has reached out to me wanting to share his tips and tricks of the trade for maintaining a nutritious diet while traveling. Check out his blog to learn more ways to indulge in cuisines from around the world while staying on track to a healthy lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy Cole’s guest post and find some of his tips helpful.

Enjoying Your Vacation Without Cheating on Your Healthy Lifestyle

Eating nutritious and balanced meals is a cornerstone to living a healthy lifestyle, one that is all to likely to be left at home when you are vacationing or traveling for an extended period of time. Using your trip as an excuse to go off your diet or to stop watching what you eat can find you bringing home an unwanted souvenir from your trip in the form of extra pounds. With a few basic tips and a little extra effort, any trip can be planned more effectively to ensure you are able to stay on-track with your fitness goals.



Eating Right When Flying

With the hectic pace and abundant delays, just getting through the airport and onto your plane without snacking on junk food can seem like a real challenge. By eating a healthy meal before you leave home you can more easily mange such temptations and ensure that your vacation gets off on the right foot. Packing a few healthy snacks can be an ideal way to ensure longer flights do not find you eating the wrong types of food. With a little extra preparation, you can ensure that your flight does not find you snacking on the wrong items.

Finding a Health Friendly Hotel

Being in a new city or region can make shopping for healthy foods far more difficult and the limitations and lack of kitchen space that is associated with most hotels will only make such challenges harder to address. By finding a hotel that makes healthy living easier for guests to enjoy, both of these issues can be addressed with greater ease and success. I have found reading reviews from other travelers on the areas, along with the hotel, beforehand to be extremely helpful. I recently found a great site that listed reviews for both the hotels as well as the restaurants in the area. With the help of these reviews, I was recently able to find a gluten-free restaurant while researching Las Vegas hotels for my trip. Hotels such as this one, that provide a restaurant dedicated to health conscious people is extremely helpful. An abundant selection of fresh, healthy and nutritious meals and snacks for their guests to enjoy will also ensure that you have access to the options and foods you need to eat right during your stay.

Finding the Right Selection of Restaurants

Travelers who are fatigued from their journey, have limited information about their new surroundings and vacationers who get wrapped up in the spirit of the moment can quickly find themselves making poor decisions when it comes to eating out. Finding and researching a number of local restaurants and destinations, before you even leave home, can give you the insight needed to make healthier decisions. Keeping a few healthy snack items on hand may also give aid in curbing hunger, giving you time to seek out and locate a more nutritious option for you next meal.

What to Oder in a Restaurant

Navigating a new menu and finding the healthiest meal options in a new environment may not always be a straightforward proposition. Staying away from fatty dishes, asking for more information on calorie content and portion size and making the most out of a selection of fresh produce, lean meats and other more nutritious fare can make a considerable difference at any restaurant. With a little caution and forethought, you should be able to enjoy your vacation without having to worry about packing on the pounds or falling off your diet while aware from home.


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