Your Holistically Hot Transformation by Marissa Vicario

I recently had the opportunity to read Marissa Vicario first book Your Holistically Hot Transformation, coming out later this month. Marissa is a certified Holistic Health Coach and the founder of Marissa’s Well-being and Health (MWAH!). 



 Marissa is an expert in women’s health and lifestyle and she uses her own struggle and journey to guide her clients and readers. Her approach is honest and real as she explains what it means to live a healthy lifestyle and she offers guidance in a way her readers can relate to. Your Holistically Hot Transformation is for people from all walks of life no matter where they are in their wellness journey. Marissa offers helpful tips and reassurance that you’re not alone, and encourages everyone to start small which makes wellness seem much less intimidating.I love that Marissa doesn’t focus on one certain type of diet in this book but instead she thinks it’s important to find a way of living and eating that works for you. Certain foods affect our bodies in different ways for different people and eating real food is essential to how we fuel our bodies. This is a book based on finding true health and happiness rather than following trends.

With a certificate in Nutrition for Disease Prevention and her experiences taking cooking classes at the Natural Gourmet Institute, Marissa has included healthy and easy to follow recipes throughout the book. I for one, look forward to giving them a try especially her recipe for Chia Pancakes.

From June 11th to the 15th there will be a free Kindle promo period on amazon for Your Holistaically Hot Transformation. After the promo period the book will be regularly priced at $7.99 so get your free copy while you can.The official launch of the book takes place on June 13th. A complimentary sample chapter can be found by clicking here.

If you or anyone you know struggles with confusion around nutrition and dieting then this book is for you. Please share this post with friends or family who you think could benefit from this book as well.






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