Friday Favorites 5/10/19

Well look who’s showing up to post a Friday favorites post. I’ve missed writing these and sharing a little bit of my personal life as well as recipes and other fun things I find around the internet. I can not believe we are just a week away from school being out for summer. I actually found out yesterday that my daughters last day is next Tuesday and not Friday, which is what I’ve thought and had on my calendar since school started in the fall. I have no idea how I missed the memo but I guess it’s better to find out now instead of next Wednesday in my attempt to drop her off at school. Anyway, school is almost out for summer and I’m ready for it.

If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve already seen our big announcement but if not then let me fill you in as well. We’re expecting a baby boy in September and this is a big secret I’ve been carrying around for some time now. I realize this seems crazy considering we just brought our daughter home from China,but apparently God had bigger things in store for our family. To say we were shocked by this news is an understatement but now that the reality of it has sunk in we are over the moon.  I never dreamed of having 4 kids especially given our history of infertility and the struggle we went through to have our two biological children. Things are going to be even more loud, and more crazy than they already are but what a gift we’ve been given. 20 weeks

Any big weekend plans? My daughter has her last soccer game tomorrow morning then we hope to do some work in the yard while the kids play with the water toys. Sunday I’m co-hosting a going away party for one of my dear friends whose family is moving to a town about an hour and a half away. It’s going to be a hot one here in Charlotte which makes me think summer has unofficially arrived. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


I’m a sucker for any meal that comes in the form of a bowl

I made this chicken and rice dinner this week and the whole family loved it. I added in frozen green beans for a little something green.

I love everything about this salad.

This noodle bowl is on the menu for next week. I’ll use regular noodles for the kids.

My friend made this Sweet and Sour Chicken for a shower she hosted for Mae and it was a huge hit with everyone

Now here is an interesting spin on tuna salad.

Yes Please!

I finished listening to this book this week and really enjoyed it. It’s no so much a story of a maid but rather  the story of a working, poor, single mother, dealing with a variety of problems.  The author just so happens to work as a maid while trying to make ends meet in order to care for and raise her daughter.

I look forward to this summer reading guide every year and many of these books made it to my TBR list.

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  1. Mother of 3 May 17, 2019 at 8:28 am

    Congratulations!! What a wonderful surprise.

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